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The timeless elegance of amber rings

September - 24 - 2012

Rings have been used since the oldest of times to embellish the wearer’s hand or represent union, love or seek protection. The stones chosen for rings often carry a symbolic meaning, and it is even believed that they have a certain influence on the human body, allowing it to heal or reject negative energy. Amber rings are a piece of jewelry that has been worn for thousands of years, due to its unique appeal. What makes amber so special is its texture and the warmth of the color, usually yellow, orange or brown. A well chosen amber ring can be a perfect present that will bring joy to the most pretentious of women. It is a versatile element, matching many outfits and can be chosen either to represent a deeper concept or simply as a fashionable accessory, therefore making it one of the most sought after jewelry gifts for mom available on

Many people believe that amber rings should be worn because they are beneficial for the body: the stone is heated by the skin and the oils found inside enter the blood and improving circulation. Moreover, our ancestors, the American Indians in particular, believed that amber can purify and detoxify the body, and even turned it into a sacred stone and used it for rituals. Other beneficial physical effects include: developing immunity, helping the body heal after diseases and soothing pain.

In addition, amber rings are said to be good for the spirit as well, by reducing stress and anxiety. Fans of this stone say that it helps them concentrate, achieve peace and regain faith. Whether these beliefs are true or not, we cannot know for sure, but one thing is certain: amber rings can surely make any woman happy by the way they look. They have an elegant feel, and, depending on the size of the stone, they can emphasize certain aspects of your personality: girls prefer small, delicate designs, while adult women and especially moms have a liking for larger stones, with additional adornments that make them look strong, independent and professional. Very versatile, amber rings make excellent mothers day jewelry gifts because they can be worn on any occasion, accessorizing successfully every outfit, from a stylish evening dress to an office suit. Womens fashion jewelry is not as fickle and changing and clothes fashion, and a good piece of jewelry is more like an investment; as long as the model isn’t damaged, the stones aren’t lost or its shape bent, a piece of jewelry will accessorize your outfits for years to come. Moreover, with womens fashion jewelry like this, you can even turn it into a heirloom and pass it on to your daughter, thus adding sentimental value to its material value. What better way of starting a family tradition than by giving your mother an exquisite ring and making her feel special and adored?

Such rings can make great presents for any occasion, to celebrate a parent on Mother’s Day, to show your gratitude to a friend or on special events such as graduations, baptisms or birthdays. Although not very chosen for engagements, they can still be offered to your partner as a proof of cherishing and devotion: one simple look at your finger and the warm honey color will remind you of your loved one’s loyalty. For classical women, the traditional yellow shades work best, but other amber varieties can also be blue or green. Some skilled artisans can even sketch an image inside the amber.

To save yourself from going from store to store in your search for finding the perfect amber ring gift, you can always look for this amazing piece of jewelry on specialized sites that offer a wide variety of designs coming in different shapes, colors and sizes.

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