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Are you looking for some accessories that can make you get all the attention in the room, turning you into a person that is definitely having a grown self-esteem and nothing or no one can bring her down by any means? Do you want to know you are wearing some luxurious pieces of accessories that are a truly investment, and on top of that, at some point it will pay you off? If so, you are at the very right place and time! In case you wish to find more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye on the following lines to know more about the majestic creation, on its name the Monique Péan’s “Baktun” earrings – it is all worth it!

One aspect of the beautiful and luxurious Monique Péan’s “Baktun” earrings regards the fact that they were inspired by the mysterious yet revealed cultured of the Mayans, when the American designer managed to take a trip to this symbolic world. As she is a she, on her name Monique Péan, she always has a positive attitude towards her work and the expectations she comes with, regardless of the season we are talking about. This beautiful creation, the Monique Péan’s “Baktun” earrings come with a white gold setting, into which we can clearly see a 156 years old gems that are totally worth it, while wearing a fabulous dress and wish to accessorize it a little bit spicier than it may look like without all these things. On the other hand, such beauties can easily be left as an inheritance for your children or grandchildren, since they are a truly investment that never goes out of style – they are a classic, no matter what, and will remain throughout time, regardless of circumstances.

These being said, if you have already managed to say whether the beautiful and famous Monique Péan’s “Baktun” earrings will be yours as soon as possible or you are still looking for something better, there are little chances to find something more delightful than those beauties. It is said that once you spot something that appeals to your eye, it is extremely hard not to own it as soon as possible, to appeal to your eye the whole day and night. Still, the decision is all yours – so, what would it be? The Monique Péan’s “Baktun” earrings will definitely make a perfect match in your jewelry box!

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