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You must be really happy now that you know that the new Manufacture Royale watch is out. They just announced that their “Opera” watch is going to be available for collectors around the world. And I say collectors since these watch is one that comes with a healthy price, 1.2$ to be exact. So if the price didn’t scared you already maybe it made you curious. I sure was when I hared it. So what exactly does a watch offer you for that kind of money? One thing is fore sure you will be amazed once you’ll see it.

Men don’t have as many accessory choices as women which is why they try to make the best of the few choices that they are given. The watch is an important accessory for men so its no surprise that some men spend a lot of money on gorgeous time pieces. Some men even subscribe to a men fashion blog in order to keep in touch with the latest watch trends. Mens watches are as sophisticated as they are expensive. A quick look at the Manufacture Royale’s Opera tells us that this watch is truly exquisite.  So now that you took your first glyphs at the Manufacture Royale’s Opera Timepiece what do you think? Oh try to get that dropped jaw and wipe that tear from the corner of your eye. You still haven’t so half of the thinks this watch can do.

Ok, now I’m just teasing you. As you can see, the Opera Timepiece is not just a watch but indeed a work of art. It’s design is breathtaking. The skin strap is made out of the skin of Mississippi alligator and just when we’re talking about the casing we can’t just go over the fact that it’s made out of 60 parts and it integrates three sapphire crystals. The 50 mm wide case is a piece of horological art featuring an unique shape and being crafted in 18k gray or rose gold.

An intersecting design feature of the Manufacture Royale’s Opera Timepiece lays in the ingenious way they managed to mold the precious metals in order to render their watch the best watch on the market that is made out of such metals and still able to have such an authentic sound when it comes to the minute repeater. The accordion shape of the casing gives the minute repeater a loud enough sound while it plays the hours in A, and the minutes in C sharp.

I bet you’re wandering about the number of the mechanical parts used in it now. Well not more and not less then 319 parts were used in the construction of the amazing Manufacture Royale’s Opera Timepiece. This includes the manual wound and the lovely tourbillon. As you can see, there’s a reason why this watch is the main subject of more than one men fashion blog. It is the type of watch that would make any men feel like a typhoon and you don’t need a fashion critic to know that. Its enough just to look at it in order to know that this watch is something else.

Don’t be scared about the manual wound the watch has a power reserve of more then 100 hours. As you can see the Manufacture Royale’s Opera Timepiece is truly a masterpiece and as every renowned collection watch it comes in an interesting box. His box is a wooden one that s said to be a reproduction of the Bastille Opera House in Paris. This is the type of watch you take out to wear when you also sport your new best car; both are in fact luxury jewelry pieces, accessories to your status and fine examples to your refined tastes. So if you’re going to spend $1 million on a watch, then you could also afford the best car on the market, such as a Rolls Royce or a Lexus.

If you are in fact interested in this watch you should hurry since the Manufacture Royale’s Opera Timepiece will only be produced in a limited supply 12 units in total each will have their production number individually inscribed on them.

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