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One of the most awaited jewelry collections displays in the world is the Haute Joaillerie Week, and the one of 1010 was truly an exceptional one. People were able to point their eyes at truly remarkable jewels and gems that are rarely displayed by their designers.

The also known as the Biennalle des Antiquaires, the Haute Joaillerie Week, took place at Grand Palais in Paris from 15 to 22 of September 2010. This is the most appreciated jewelry design exhibitions in the world where you can find both antique and new jewels designs. This was indeed a magical exposition where you could get exquisite jewelry for yourself and make great gifts for mom and your friends.

We will enumerate just a few of the pieces that were most remarkable during the Haute Joaillerie Week.

The Dior Company presented at the Haute Joaillerie Week approached a French style of jewelry. Victoire de Castellane, the lead designer of Dior Joaillerie, carved his name in the history books with the craftsmanship that he proved he possess when he embraced a refined feminine style while crafting his works of art. The main attractions of the Christian Dior collection were besides the various opals, precious and various other stones the Twin serpent jewel earrings which are covered in precious stones; the now wll known ruby and pink sapphires rings known as the Rose Dior Bagalette rings and the Dior serpent ring with it’s outstanding jewelry color.

The Chanel house was present at the Haute Joaillerie Week as well and as usual, it didn’t fail to amaze us with its 2010 displayed jewelry collection. The theme of that year was chosen by taking into account the fact that Mademoiselle Chanel used the “Bijoux de Diamants” theme name in 1932 for her jewelry collection, so they decided on the “Feather” theme name. This was not done because they had many feather shaped jewels but because their masterpiece was a broach shaped as a feather. And it wasn’t a regular broche it was a big one and I’m not just referring to its size but also to it’s weight in diamond carats since it is loaded with diamonds along all it’s length. Being also entirely articulated, the Plum Brooch can be worn as one wishes, and it looks great if worn over a shoulder it can turn into a blinking diadem.

Last but not least we will take a look at what Van Cleef & Arpels brought in 2010 at the Haute Joaillerie week jewelry collection displayed. The piece of résistance of Van Cleef & Arpels was by far the fine cut and polished design of the elephant broach which has a distinctive mark a not less and not more then 41 carat dangling topaz gem. These lively and colored pieces of jewelry are perfect for daring, dazzling women who are not afraid to be in the center of attention and who love to pay attention to details. For example, jewelry like this can be perfectly matched with Easter nail designs, which usually also use bright colors and naive motifs. If you think that Easter nail designs are too cheesy for such luxurious and delicate jewelry, we are here to tell you that daring combinations and unusual styles can always look great if you have the right attitude for them.

The jewelry collection is one of those great gifts for mom and it was assaulted by thousands of envious and longing visitors and it included hundreds of pieces of jewelry cast in diamonds, rubies, sapphires, gold, platinum and some very interesting pieces of amber jewelry.

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