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Dolce & Gabbana Crystal Ring

August - 26 - 2013

The designers from Dolce & Gabbana never stopped to amaze us with their exquisite designs. The company took shape in 1985 when they ad their first fashion presentation. The two persons behind this company that is now renowned allover the world are Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana, they created one of the biggest and most prestigious fashion empires up to date.

They expanded their fashion horizons by approaching not only the clothing sector but also sectors like the perfume sector and more recently the accessory one which includes items varying from wallets, scarf’s, and jewelry.

The latest fashion piece of jewelry with which the designers from Dolce & Gabbana came up is this superb Crystal Ring which unlike no other accessory that they made before actually has a feminine touch. The floral motives of this Dolce & Gabbana Crystal Ring are the ones that give it a slightly more feminine look in comparison with what the company usually designs.

While the fashion trend dictates the key features of each year, even mammoth companies like Dolce & Gabbana have to alter their stile to keep up with the customer demand. The Crystal Ring that they released this year can be included in that category by some critics. The ring itself still manages to keep the voluptuous shapes with which the Dolce & Gabbana Company got us used to.

Due to the fact that there aren’t that many flower designed rings out there as the Dolce & Gabbana Crystal Ring, the price s on the level peaking at 325$

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