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Charming Colorful Jewelry

July - 17 - 2012

Some may say that charming colorful jewelry is something for a kid should just take a look at what these items represent and how they do it. These rings manage to pass the feelings that their designer intended them to pass with remarkable ease.

After all there aren’t many people that can say that they could eat their ring thinking it is candy or stare at it thinking it’s some kind of bug eating flower.

Two Companies to which I fell in love with due to their croon looking and colorful jewelry are Dior and Marc By Marc Jacobs. These two brands of jewelry compete with each other and each year they come up with more and more charming colorful jewelry. One of the aspects that we most like about this collection is that it looks like handmade jewelry; of course you’re going to think that this is indeed handmade jewelry, but we mean that in the sense that it looks overtly handmade, thus conferring it a special characteristic.

Back in 09 the renowned designer from Dior, Victoirede Castellane spent all summer and winter conceiving the series of jewelry that is now named Milly Carnivora. This collection numbers eight pieces of charming colorful jewelry that is trying to promote a baby nursery idea trough a twisted yet colorful design.

Another jewelry expert company, Chanel stepped forward and picked up the glove joining the competition with their colored gem ring. Their ring was however nothing like the Hajoue ring which is shaped as kissing lips, the Chanel ring is just a ring with berries so nothing to extreme in terms of design. When wearing this kind of jewelry, you must highlight it with the appropriate hairstyle and dress. A great hair color idea is strawberry blonde for women with a warm skin tone and ruby red for women with a cool skin tone. The dress should match the color of the jewelry. If the stones are pink try a beige or white dress. A recommended hair color idea for a black dress is blonde, a perfect shade between blonde and brown.

You might not know from which company the most charming, colorful jewelry is coming from but I will give you a hint. It is designed by Vicroirede Castellane. I’ll even let you know the name of the colorful jewelry set that he designed, the Milly Carnivora. You still can’t figure it out? Oh well I guess I’ll just have to let you know then. Dior, Dior is the name of the company that infused the inspiration to Vicroirede Castellane, thus allowing him to design a charming colorful jewelry set with the help of a garden. The same one that made the first pages of the journals due to the inspiration given for the creation of the Belladone Island series back in 07 when that sold in only two months.

So as you can expect the two collection of the Dior that have been inspired by the Millyla Foret garden are quite similar. However the newest collection tries to give a more charming, colorful jewelry look to the set by including flowers, fruits, insects, all designed and reproduced with a great since of esthetics. And to complete the mix the design was flavored by adding diamonds and various colored precious stones.


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