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One of the oldest jewelry pieces made by the Cartier company is the Cartier Gold, Aquamarine and Ruby Set which even though it was first made in the early years of the Company’s existence, in 1950, it still amazes with the stylish way in which the designers netted the three colors. This is a piece of jewelry often found on the bride’s wedding day checklist, because it is elegant and goes well with any dress, but if you are looking for birthday gifts for mom this set can be a great idea.

The Paris jewelry scene of 1847 was moved by Louis Francois Cartier, the founder of the now well known Cartier Empire. The truth is that the early successes of the Company didn’t lasted long and the Cartier Company didn’t became as well known as it is today until Louis, Jacques and Pierre, grandsons of the founder took control of the business. When they got helped by the introduction of the first men watch, it is also the time when the French goldsmiths got famous.

The title of “King of Jewelers” was given to Cartier and they received warrants appointing them as Royal Jewelers for the crown of Monaco, England, Spain, Egypt and many others.

With the Brilliant cut diamonds making up dew drops on the flower’s petals that are represented by the Cartier craftsman trough radiant golden petals that bring us with the thought to the rays of the sun, the Cartier Gold, Aquamarine and Ruby Set also has a ruby in the middle representing the pestle. The Cartier Gold, Aquamarine and Ruby Set is made out of a pendant and earrings. If you are looking for something new and something blue to add to your wedding day checklist, this set will definitely draw attention. Just imagine yourself stepping out from your limousine, looking gorgeous with your Cartier jewelry set. The limousine services in Ottawa will make sure you get to your destination promptly and your jewelry set will guarantee you look perfect. In addition, those who are looking for birthday gifts for mom can also put this set on their list of ideas, because it is definitely something that any woman would appreciate

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