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Bulgari Serpenti 7 Coil Watch

December - 13 - 2011

The Newest Bulgari’s company watch is the Bulgari Serpenti 7 Coil also known as simply Bulgari Serpenti. This watch is a work of art in the true sense of the word its resemblance to a snake is outstanding. The Bulgari Serpenti was carefully shaped to mimic the shape of a snake that is grabbing to a branch. So the Bulgari watch uses its 7 coils to engulf your hand from the forearm to the wrist.

But the way it does so is elegant and sexy at the same time, it just makes it’s wearer vibrate with passion, stile and a mystical yet seductive sent. The Bulgari Serpenti 7 Coil Watch is a masterpiece when it comes to the perfect accessory for a special evening event when we’re addressing a woman’s wardrobe.

While wearing the new Bulgari Serpenti 7 Coil Watch you will be guaranteed to catch the attention of everyone around you. The Bulgari Serpenti is a watch that demands a certain wardrobe; it is not a casual watch.

It is a watch that is actually a piece of jewelry that can not be treated otherwise. The smooth finishes of the Bulgari Serpenti golden body and the 38 carefully placed brilliant cut diamonds are the thinks that will make this watch a pretty expensive piece of jewelry.

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