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Nowadays, keeping up with the new is a must in order to look and feel flawlessly stylish at any time. There’s no wonder why, since all of us crave for a better life. The Géraldine Carfield’s Exclamation earrings are the best choice!

Nowadays, wearing some of the most beautiful accessories there are on the market is a must in case you want to be all time fashion. The Bulgari’s vintage collar necklace is a choice that never goes out of style!

Nowadays, looking good is more a requirement in order to feel and know you worth more than thousand bucks. In this case, keeping an eye on some of the most luxurious pair of earrings is a must, such as the Monique Péan’s “Baktun” earrings!

The wedding day is supposed to be the best day in any woman’s life. This is why everything should be perfect especially when it comes to the bride’s attire. She will become the center of attention on this special day, so the wedding dress, the jewelry set and the make-up have to be a perfect […]

On today’s fashion and accessories map, it’s hard to pin down key elements, but fashion necklaces are definitely among the top items. They are glamorous, which is something every woman would like to be said about her outfit, and they come in a very large range of colors and styles, which makes it easier for […]

The Mitza ring by Dior

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These days, having a great and developed sense of style is a must in order to feel and look flawlessly. In this case, the The Mitza ring by Dior makes no exception, since it beautiful appearance will turn you into the person you want to be!

The designers from Dolce & Gabbana never stopped to amaze us with their exquisite designs. The company took shape in 1985 when they ad their first fashion presentation. The two persons behind this company that is now renowned allover the world are Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana, they created one of the biggest and most […]

High Quality Earrings

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High quality earrings can be purchased online as well, from specialized websites which are dedicated to bringing you elegant diamond jewelry at reasonable prices; these can be a great solution when you don’t have time to go shopping but are in dire need of new sets of jewelry for special events.

Rings have been used since the oldest of times to embellish the wearer’s hand or represent union, love or seek protection. The stones chosen for rings often carry a symbolic meaning, and it is even believed that they have a certain influence on the human body, allowing it to heal or reject negative energy. Amber […]

Some may say that charming colorful jewelry is something for a kid should just take a look at what these items represent and how they do it. These rings manage to pass the feelings that their designer intended them to pass with remarkable ease. After all there aren’t many people that can say that they […]

One of the oldest jewelry pieces made by the Cartier company is the Cartier Gold, Aquamarine and Ruby Set which even though it was first made in the early years of the Company’s existence, in 1950, it still amazes with the stylish way in which the designers netted the three colors. This is a piece […]

You must be really happy now that you know that the new Manufacture Royale watch is out. They just announced that their “Opera” watch is going to be available for collectors around the world. And I say collectors since these watch is one that comes with a healthy price, 1.2$ to be exact. So if […]

One of the most awaited jewelry collections displays in the world is the Haute Joaillerie Week, and the one of 1010 was truly an exceptional one. People were able to point their eyes at truly remarkable jewels and gems that are rarely displayed by their designers. The also known as the Biennalle des Antiquaires, the […]

This year we had the opportunity to grab one of the most beautiful Blue Diamond Rings ever mad and Bvlgari really surpassed itself with this ring that now bears witness of the Company’s craftsmanship. The Bvlgari Blue Diamond Ring was made by the now well established Company in the early 60’s for a private buyer […]

The Newest Bulgari’s company watch is the Bulgari Serpenti 7 Coil also known as simply Bulgari Serpenti. This watch is a work of art in the true sense of the word its resemblance to a snake is outstanding. The Bulgari Serpenti was carefully shaped to mimic the shape of a snake that is grabbing to […]

Watch Brokers

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     Maybe the idea of “watch brokers” not very familiar to you, but let us give you a clue. It appears that the word “broker” became more and more common in nowadays’ society, mainly because more and more people have thought at least once of this beautiful job. But let’s see, in fact, who they are […]